Penny Stock Attitude Drinks Incorporated (ATTD) Developing An Attitude?

The promotion on Attitude Drinks Incorporated (OTC:ATTD) started on approximately January 20, 2012. Investors have seen major growth in this sub penny stock due to the volatility these types of stocks can have.

On January 20, 2012 the volume spiked from around 9 Million shares traded on the previous day, to trading over 66 Million shares, and closing with a healthy price increase. This volume has continued to grow and get larger over the past few days, as did the price per share for OTC:ATTD when on Thursdays trading session they almost hit the penny mark when shares of ATTD hit a high of 0.0093. This high represents a total increase of 520% from January 20, 2012 opening price.

This increase and volume was due to many promotional email blasts from various groups, coupled with a plethora of PR’s from the company. Funny how they try and disguise this ‘sudden’ attention to their market with PR’s like they have so many people just hanging on the edge waiting for some news from this sub-penny company with negative revenues. Taking a closer look at their PR’s will reveal that the company did little in the way of keeping their shareholder, and perspective shareholders, up to date until the time that the promotional emails were sent out.

To make matters worse, the company released news on January 17, 2012 stating that, a company that is nefarious for over promising and badly under-performing in way of IR and corporate communications, was handling their IR. That indeed should be the first red flag. This release obviously had no effect whatsoever, as the very next day the trading volume went form nearly 6 Million shares traded the previous day, to trading just under 1.5 Million shares the day after the release. They actually dried up the volume for ATTD!

At any rate, it would appear that ATTD is starting to slip a little seeing how the price closed well below its opening price on Thursdays trading session, losing over 18% at the close. Will the pumpers continue to promote this stock, or have they all sold out of their positions?

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