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Corn rallies as severe heat hurts crop growing region

Corn prices have rallied to their highest price since June 13th after a government report showed that the crops have been severely hit by the extreme heat that has hit the crop growing region.

Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana and Missouri …

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Kansas report shows deteriorating corn, sorgum and soybean crops due to extreme heat

Kansas crops are getting ruthlessly hit by high temperatures and a severe lack of moisture according to the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service.

The Statistics company stated in a weekly report that the states crops are rapidly deteriorating due to the …

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Rainfall in Midwest pushes Corn prices down

The relief of rain from storms across Midwest regions of the U.S. which has been suffering from a heat wave pushed corn prices down on monday.

Illinois, Indiana and Ohio all got rained on where crops have been affected by …

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Bad weather continues to push corn prices higher

Wet weather conditions in the US which have created numerous problems for farmers this year helped push corn prices higher on wednesday.

Farmers have struggled against adverse weather this year to plant crops in key gorwing states. Now concerns have …

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Corn prices fall on improved weather

Corn prices fell again today on expectations that the spring planting season will pick up this week due to better weather in the western corn belt region. The price of corn fell 3 percent by the close of the market …

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