19 Brilliant Side Hustle Apps That Will Pad Your Wallet

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Sometimes, all that you need to make money is your smartphone!

There are a bunch of side hustle apps that will help you with side hustles to make money fast.

You can play games, answer questions, watch videos, and more!

It’s never been easier to earn money with your phone, and in this article, we are going to look at some great apps that you can use.

Savvy Quick Picks For Cash

Which app gives you real money quickly?

Here are our top side hustle apps we recommend:

19 Best Side Hustle Apps To Earn Cash Fast

If you’ve been wondering what the top side hustle apps are, we are going to go through them in this list. These are mobile apps you can use to earn money easily and who wouldn’t benefit from some extra cash?

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of our favorite side hustle apps because it is a high-paying app with so many ways that you can make money on the app. 

This can be so convenient when you are out and about and have some spare time to get on the app.

Answering the surveys is one of the most common ways to make extra cash on the app (plus you can use the computer too!) but there are a few ways to earn points on the Swagbucks app such as:


2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Surveys

InboxDollars works in a similar way to Swagbucks – it’s another easy-to-use app for watching ads and videos and playing games during your free time.

The amount that you’ll earn will vary for each task that you do, but it will let you know beforehand how much it will be.

The amount is generally between 5 cents – 50 cents and should only take you a few minutes to complete.

If you use the search engine feature on InboxDollars, you can also make money on the mobile app.

It’s worth noting that there is a withdrawal limit of $30 to reach on this app.

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3. MyPoints Surveys

MyPoints Paid Online Surveys Dashboard

If you are looking for more survey apps to make money, then you should sign up for MyPoints.

There are lots of ways that you can earn points on the MyPoints Surveys apps, such as:

Reading your emails
Online shopping
Watching videos
Printing coupons
Searching the web
Playing games

Plus you get paid for other things, like referring your friends to the app!

Learn more about how to make money with MyPoints from our full review.

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4. Robinhood

Are you interested in earning passive income rather than working more hours for a side hustle?

You should start investing and earn more money from what you already have!

Robinhood is a great investment app for beginners, plus it’s commission-free so it doesn’t cost you extra to invest.

You can invest in cryptocurrency, stocks and funds, and more. You can even sign up today and get a free stock to get you started.

If you’re interested in investing, check out our full Robinhood review to get a feel for how well it works!

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5. Steady App

Steady is a new side gig app on the market, working as the middle man so you can easily search for side hustle opportunities.

You can search for a new career or for side jobs to make extra money every month all in one app. It’s easy and efficient, so you can find jobs that match your skills quicker than ever before.

Steady is also FREE to use, so you can make money without spending money, making it perfect for freelancers looking for more income.

You’ll typically find side hustles that pay $10 – $15 per hour, but the range goes all the way up to $25 for some high-paying skilled jobs, so it’s a great way to see many options.

Steady also has great features like Income Tracker and Income Boosters, so you can track how much you’re earning from your Steady side gigs and if you could be earning more!

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6. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a money-saving app that can make a real difference in your spending!

You can use their app or their browser extension, and Capital One Shopping will automatically find you deals and coupons to save you money.

Not only that, they have a Price Protection Plan that can get you savings after you buy.

Have you ever bought something to find out it’s on sale the next day? It’s so frustrating when you miss out on savings!

Well, Capital One Shopping uses their plan to automatically apply you for a refund of the difference, and get your money back.

7. PostMates

Postmates side hustle app homepage

Do you have a car and want to add some more money to your bank account? There are some great food delivery services to work for!

Postmates is a food delivery gig mobile app, where you can get paid to deliver food (groceries and/or take out) on your own schedule.

The money that you can make on the Postmates app is really good, and there is no startup fee (as mentioned, you will need a car), so you can get started really quickly.

Postmates pays you a standard price for orders from $0.50 – $10, and if you deliver food during lunch, you can also earn Blitz Pricing where you can multiply your earnings.



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8. DoorDash

Want another option to make money driving?

DoorDash is another great food delivery service that we recommend you sign up with.

You can make $2 – $10 an hour on an order, which is the base pay, plus you earn tips on top of that. If you work during Peak Pay time, you can earn even more because they’re busy hours with people delivering food.

We compare them to Postmates, which is another great you may wonder about, plus some people are wondering how DoorDash and Grubhub compare too.

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9. Instacart

Instacart side hustle app homepage

Instacart works in a similar way to Postmates in that it’s a grocery delivery service where you can be an in-store shopper or delivery driver for someone needing groceries.

It will help if you know your way around the supermarket so you can get the job done quickly and of course, the delivery app gets your where you need to go.

The pay is generally a little bit less than Postmates, but it’s still worth doing, and you can always do it at the same time as Postmates.

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10. Etsy

Etsy side hustle app selling info page

Etsy is an app where people buy and sell homemade items and more! Take a look on there and have a look at the different things that are for sale on there.

There are so many types of shops you can open, it all depends on your interest and talents.

The great thing about Etsy is that you can sell a lot of digital items like printables and stickers.

Printables has become so profitable, and you can learn how to start your business from FREE resources like the E-Printables ebook.

11. Shopify

Shopify side hustle app homepage

Shopify is a favorite of ours again, as we have had success with the Shopify app.

Shopify is essentially an online storefront, where you can create a shop for what you are selling.

Shopify offers a free trial, but after that, you will have to pay to run a shop there, so make sure you include this in your running costs.



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12. Honey

Honey side hustle app homepage

Honey is one of our favorite side hustle apps you can use and can save you a lot of money easily without going out of your way.

This is one of the best passive cashback apps and it’s a good cashback for a shopping app.

The Honey app is a coupon app, which you can use when you are going to purchase something and don’t want to trawl through the internet looking for a coupon code.

Another great thing about the Honey app is that you can get Honey Gold and Honey Gold points, which you can redeem for a free gift card of your choice. This is one of the best shopping apps to earn money.

Want to learn more about using Honey to save money and get cash back? Check out our Honey Review!



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13. Decluttr

Decluttr side hustle app homepage

Decluttr is a great side hustle where you can make money selling any unwanted tech items that you have.

It’s free to use and really easy. To use it, you need to scan the items that you want to sell, get a price, and then list them.

The kinds of things that sell well on Decluttr include phones, CDs, Blu-rays, games, consoles, and more.


14. Rover

Rover side hustle app homepage

Have you heard of Rover before? This one is a bit different, as it’s not an app for something like surveys but basically starting your own business in your free time!

Rover is an app where you can make money by looking after dogs, either by dog walking or pet sitting.

This is a really fun way to make extra money on an app, and we highly recommend it if you love dogs.

If you want a different way to up your income and get you out of the house, this is the one for you!

It’s worth checking out what other people are charging in your area to get an idea of how much you should charge. You can always start lower and increase your fee when you have more experience.

To get started on Rover you don’t need experience, but it will help. Clients will want you to have a love for dogs, and feel like they can trust you with their beloved pup.

You can be selective with which jobs you take on the app, but the more you take the more you should make!

The good thing about using the Rover app and looking after dogs is that you can look after more than one at a time and make more cash that way.

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15. Airbnb

Airbnb side hustle app homepage

You’ve probably heard all about Airbnb by now, but have you thought about it as a way of making money?

On the Airbnb app, you can list a property to rent out and make money from. 

You can either do this as a long-term or short-term rental, depending on your circumstances.

For example, you may want to rent out a room in your house, or you may have a whole property that you want to rent out.

Airbnb is a really good option for short-term rentals in particular as you tend to get more money for that.

You will need to put some work into this as you will need to make sure the room/property is as good as it can possibly be. Reviews are really important!

Rent Airbnb

16. eBay

sell on ebay side hustle app homepage

eBay is a well-known website that you need to join! If you haven’t been using eBay, then you are missing out.

There are so many things that you can sell on eBay, and it’s worth checking it out to see what you can sell on there.

There are so many different categories such as toys, clothes, garden items, furniture, vehicles, and more.

It’s easier than selling items locally and driving around for met-ups, you can just ship items and be done!

eBay takes fees (and PayPal) so make sure that you factor that into your listing price.

17. OfferUp

offerup side hustle app homepage

If you have more items that you want to sell, take a look at the OfferUp app.

The best thing about the OfferUp app is that it is focused on local selling, so you don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping.

It’s always a good idea to put things for sale on OfferUp and local sites if they are big or bulky.

18. Fiverr

fiverr side hustle app homepage

Fiverr is a popular spot in the money-making space for people looking for good side gigs. The reason for this is that there are so many things that you can do there to make money.

The focus on the Fiverr app is for things that are mainly digital. There are all kinds of things for sale on there, such as:

There is something for everyone on there, so take a look at what is on offer there and see what you can sell.

19. Handy

Handy side hustle app homepage

Handy is there for dexterous people who can earn extra cash doing handyman work.

On the Handy app, you can start making money doing odd jobs of all kinds, whatever you’re good at!

The types of things that you can do on the app are things like home improvement, jobs around the house, and so on. 

Final Thoughts On Side Hustle Apps

As you can see from this list above, there are a lot of ways that you could simply grab an app for your smartphone and start making cash pretty much today!

With something that easy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get started, no matter what your day job may be! 

We love how easy it is to make money online these days, and these gig apps are a huge help for that. We think everyone should start a side hustle because everyone needs some extra cash now and then.

Who knows- maybe one day your side hustle could lead to your new career, working for yourself! It did for us!

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