Job Opening for Director of Finance and Operations in Bristol Public Schools (129 Church St, Bristol, CT 06010)



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Job Category : Business
Company Name: Bristol Public Schools
Position Name: Director of Finance and Operations
Location : 129 Church St, Bristol, CT 06010
Job Description : JobID: 5447

Position Type:
Administration/Director of Finance and Operations

Date Posted:

Bristol Board of Education

Date Available:

Closing Date:



TITLE: Director of Finance and Operations

QUALIFICATIONS: At least five years of supervisory experience in business administration and such other qualifications of academic, professional, and personal excellence as the administration may find appropriate and acceptable.

CERTIFICATION: Connecticut Certification School Business Administrators #085 required
Connecticut Administrative Certifications #085 and #092 preferred

EDUCATION: Master’s Degree in Business (or related field) Preferred

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES: Budget/Financial Services, Transportation, Food Services

SALARY: Competitive salary, commensurate with experience

Under the general supervision of the Superintendent, the Director of Finance and Management oversees the District’s financial, transportation, building and district operations which include:
Functions as Chief Financial Officer for the district
Accounts payable and receivable
State & Federal grant accounting
Budget development and control
Financial reporting
Coordination of employee benefits
Custodial and maintenance of buildings and grounds
School Lunch Program
Other functions as required by the Superintendent of Schools


Budgeting and Financial Matters:
Assists Superintendent in coordination of the expertise/opinions of administrators, teachers and citizens in translating the educational needs and aspirations of the community into a composite financial plan.
Understands the effect of the educational program on the financial structure of the community and exercises sound judgment in maintaining a proper balance between the two.
Conducts long-term fiscal planning in terms of community resources and needs; is sensitive to the changing community, particularly events which affect the community.

Accounting and Reporting:
Establishes and supervises the accounting system necessary to provide school officials and administrators with accurate financial facts as the basis for formulating policies and decisions.
Provides the proper safeguards for the custody of public funds and makes possible complete and revealing reporting both locally and statewide.

Purchasing and Supply Management:
Responsible for purchase of equipment and supplies for central office and schools.
Considers the educational implications associated with each purchasing decision, prepares suitable specifications and standards, and utilizes good purchasing principles and procedures.

School – Community:
Provides the Superintendent, staff, and Board of Education with financial facts that helps them in their public relations with the community. Interprets the business area of educational programs to the public and to the educational staff.
Respond to Freedom of Information Requests.

Responsible for the smooth operation of all student transportation.

Information Technology Services
Must have a working knowledge of business and administrative software pertinent to the needs of a school district.

Food Services:
Responsible for the operation of the school food services by providing economical and satisfactory facilities, and efficient management in the operation for the school lunch program in close cooperation with those staff members charged with the aspects of such service.


Annual Budget:
Participates in the preparation of the annual district budget according to federal, state and local guidelines for submission to the Board of Education.
Evaluates, interprets, implements and makes recommendations regarding operations of the district.
Meets with health, life insurance insurers, and long-term disability insurance companies for premium information for budget.
Program manager for: business office, buildings and grounds department, benefits office, human resources department, transportation office, adult education program, food services department.

Overall responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of all Board of Education payroll.
Responsible for the accuracy of all federal and state reports.
Responsible for the accuracy of posting of all payroll data to the general ledger, year to date records, budgetary accounts, and payroll journal.

Financial Records:
Works with the town finance officer and town auditors to balance the annual budget expenditures for cash balances and outstanding encumbrances.
Maintains a comprehensive set of accounts to control the expenditures of the Board so as not to exceed the annual town appropriation.
Maintains a chart of accounts that will provide the required data to the State Department of Education, federal government, town of Bristol, and the Board of Education.
Determines budgetary reporting needs (i.e. Principals, Coordinators, Superintendent of Schools, Board, etc.), produces and distributes to staff and the Board of Education monthly expenditure and encumbrance reports.
Responsible for budgetary control, including approval of all “requests for purchases”.

Financial Reporting:
Prepares, or supervises the preparation of, the End of Year Financial Report (ED-001, due September 1st).
Prepares, or supervises the preparation of, all other state and federal financial reports, including the special funds (ESSER, IDEA, Title, etc.), health and welfare reports for non-public schools and the Minimum Expenditure Compliance Report, etc.

Provides the Superintendent and Board with financial forecasts for determination of estimated end of year balances in all accounts.

Acts as primary purchasing agent for the school system. Represent the school system in all dealings with vendors; sign all purchasing contracts, etc.
Develops and maintains specifications, bid forms, purchasing records, and send out bids in accordance with Board policy.

Responsible for the annual update of fixed assets records.

Pupil Transportation:
Supervises and evaluates Transportation Coordinator.
Reviews annual route schedules with transportation coordinator for effective routing and bus policy walking and safety violations.
Resolves complaints, interprets board policy, and provides information to the public regarding bus routes, board policy, etc.
Represents the administration in all appeals to the Board regarding denial of transportation for pupils by parents.
Represents Bristol Public Schools in all hearings at the state level regarding appeals by parents to the state for denial of transportation by the Bristol Board of Education.

Food Services Management:
Supervises and evaluates the Food Services Director.
Oversees the set up and maintenance of financial records for the food services bookkeeper (including cost distribution journals, and the inventory system for government commodities and regular food supplies).
Oversees the purchase of all major equipment.
Responsible for the overall financial condition, expenditures, cash flow, and management of funds for the cafeterias.

Building Renovation Projects:
Prepares, or supervises the preparation of, the five-year capital improvement plan.
Responsible for the filing of all building grant forms, plan approval forms, etc. with the State Department of Education.
Maintains a computerized database for each project approved by the state for a building grant.

Application: If you are currently employed by the Bristol Board of Education, please complete an internal application online by 4:00 p.m. on March 9, 2022. All others please fill out an online application at

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