Writers Team

Writing Team

Paul Marek Paul is our senior writer and Editor in Chief. Paul writes for many different blogs and addresses many important topics revolving around today’s current Market environment. Paul is an avid market fan with years of experience writing financial content. His articles can be found in most sections of the site. Paul has a very strong grasp of all aspects of the market, and I believe you’ll find Paul’s articles extremely insightful, educational, and entertaining. Paul A. Ebeling Jnr. Contributing Writer With over 4 decades of experience, Mr. Ebeling has more knowledge than most people you will ever meet when it comes to the Stock Market, Economy, and Breaking News. Mr. Ebeling is best known for his independent publication of “The Red Roadmaster’s Technical Report on the U.S. Major Market indices” – You can find his work in the Reports page of this website Dian Chu “EconMatters” Contributing Writer Dian Chu has her M.B.A., C.P.M. and is a Chartered Economist, Market analyst and avid writer of financial blog: Economic Forecasts & Opinions. Our comunnity has been fortunate to have her in depth analysis on varying companies and macro economic issues. Dian contributes to many leading financial websites with her articles syndicated to media outlets worldwide. Lorimer Wilson Contributing Writer Lorimer Wilson is the Editor of both www.FinancialArticleSummariesToday.com (A site/sight for sore eyes and inquisitive minds). He is a writer, analyst and commentator on the economic, financial and investment environment with weekly postings on more than 30 sites around the world. His articles are unique, insightful, informative, instructive and well researched analyses of the economy and marketplace. Warren Bevan Contributing Writer Warren Bevan is a private investor. He has been interested in the stock market since a young age and began to study it more in-depth at age 18. He studied business in University and College but always looked at it from the outside as an investor. He enjoyed profiting by analyzing people and their businesses. *Cameron White Contributor *Martin Timble Contributor *Josie Middleton Contributor * – Writer/contributor is writing under a pseudonym