A Comprehensive Guideline on How to Grow Blackberry Kush Strain

When you decide to grow your favorite marijuana strain, you may end up being disappointed when you note that your final product does not look like what you find in your cannabis dispensary. This is why it is always good to look for advice or guideline on how to grow your favorite strain to avoid disappointments.  Blackberry Kush strain is a famous strain in different parts of the world. It is a cross breed of Afghani and blackberry.  Here is a comprehensive guideline on how to grow Blackberry Kush strain.

Recommended growing techniques

To get the best from your blackberry Kush strain, you should apply the Sea of Green or the SOG technique. This is a method that involves growing various small plants instead of the large ones.  This makes it easy for you to harvest them quickly because the smaller plants require less support compared to the larger ones.  By using this method, you can transplant the plants within four to six weeks old.  This method does not only enhance the overall yields, but fastens the growth cycle.

Yields to expect

The yield for this strain is rated as moderate. You can expect to get almost sixteen ounces every square meter when you plant then indoors and twenty eight ounces outdoors. To get the best harvest, understand the correct time to harvest. Make sure the buds are fully ripened to get high yields.


Feeding blackberry Kush strain is not hard as many people think. All you need to apply heavy magnesium throughout its entire cycle. Lack of enough magnesium can affect your yield to a great extent. You can detect magnesium deficiency by signs of slow growth at its bottom, yellowish leaves or purplish shoots.  Besides, you should also apply high amount of nitrogen when your strain is in the vegetative stage. This helps improve the development of the node.

Do you grow it indoors or outdoors?

You can decide to grow the strain outdoors, but it will offer you a lot of challenges. Blackberry Kush requires to be trimmed regularly, highly sensitive to weather changes and high risk to pest infestation. However, you can get high yields.  Ideally, it is easy to grow it indoors so that you can have full control of its growing conditions.

Flowering time

Blackberry Kush Strain is loved by many growers because when planted indoors, you can harvest it quickly. It has a flowering timespan of seven to eight weeks. The most important thing is to have a close look at your plant at its vegetative stage because it is vulnerable to pre-flowering, which can hinder its growth and yield.

Best climate to grow

This strain does well in mild to warm weather conditions with daytime temperatures ranging from sixty eight and eight degrees Fahrenheit. Note that if you decide to grow it outdoor in cold temperatures, there is a high risk of failure. It also does well in areas with low humidity. At its vegetative stage, the relative humidity should be at 55 to 60 percent. This should be reduced to 40 percent during the blooming stage.