A look at this past week (+ my 6 goals for this week)

I’m so thankful for some warmer days lately so we can go for a walk outside!

I can’t believe I’m almost 25 weeks pregnant! It feels like time really flies by!

Since I’ve had several pregnancy complications (continuous spotting and bleeding and placental issues) + I’m 40, I’ve had extra appointments and ultrasounds. Last week, Jesse and I had a breakfast date in the parking lot for my ultrasound and specialist appointment. We’ve learned not to wait for the perfect moments, but to grab the moments you have and make them special.

(The kids were home from school so Jesse was allowed to come with me for the first time this pregnancy to see the baby on the ultrasound! It was nice to be able to share that with Jesse after having all my appointments and ultrasounds alone so far And we are so incredibly grateful that the baby stays very, very healthy!)

Kaitlynn left for a week-long high school trip on Saturday, so I took her to the nail salon on a date on Friday. She had her nails done and I did my toes.

Kierstyn is constantly bringing so much joy into our home. She is currently obsessed with stacking and her ABCs and trying to learn all the letters and their sounds. It’s so funny because she’s so motivated and wants to learn everything she can – maybe because she’s growing up with so many adults??

I did a little house project every day. This week I worked in the kitchen and one of the projects was to redesign the baking cabinet.

He came home from school two days ago and gave me this necklace with my name on it and said, “I bought you this today!”

Find out that during their field trip to the Science Center today, they all got $10 in pocket money to use in the gift shop. He chose to spend his money ÷////=≠p-=;\]to buy me a necklace.

There are many difficult days as a mother. Days when you want to wave the white flag of surrender. Days when you feel like you’re not suited for this. Days when you think you’ve completely missed the point.

There are seasons where you wonder if your efforts are making any difference. There are many monotonous and mundane weeks. There are times when you want to throw in the towel – if only you could find a clean one!

But then there are sparkly, shimmering chain moments like this one. When your child’s kindness and thoughtfulness make you want to cry. When you are reminded that all those small, seemingly mundane and monotonous moments matter.

Moms: It’s worth it. It’s real and real. Even on the really tough days. Even in the difficult seasons. Even if you feel like your prayers and efforts are going nowhere.

Do not give up. Keep pushing. And may there be many more chain moments in the future!

My 6 goals for last week

I didn’t make much progress on my goals last week, for a long list of reasons, but I’m thankful that I crossed some things off! Now let’s hope for more success this week!

Personal Goals

reading goals

Family Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

Write a post about 50 things you don’t have to pay for.

My 6 goals for this week

Personal Goals

reading goals

Business/Blogging Goals

Write a post about 50 things you don’t have to pay for.

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