Benefits Of Online Business: Greater Integration With Social Media

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Another advantage of your business being on the internet is greater interaction with social media especially the salepage, as an essential part of the work is precisely capturing leads through the networks. Each social network has a specific function and can help in different ways in building the image of your virtual store. We also highlight here the leading social media and their features, which are:


Of all the media that we will discuss below, Facebook has established itself as the most important, thanks to its 16 years of presence on the internet and accessible publishing and sharing platform that talks to people of all ages. When a user “likes” a page, he starts to receive all your updates. That’s why it’s essential to know your audience and spread relevant content to them! Below are some of the benefits of Facebook for businesses:

  • Brand consolidation: among the advantages of the platform, create your page, your business, segment and manage customers in different regions with targeted campaigns
  • Brand authority: the greater the visibility of the company, the greater the authority it will have on the subject
  • Interaction with users: always reply to your followers in posts
  • Customer relationship: another channel to relate to people who already use the product or service
  • Prospecting new customers: possibility to convert followers into new customers

As a result, you will have more assertive campaigns. You will be able to reach a more specific audience according to your objective, that is, another step towards the success of your internet business.


Instagram is a social network focused on images and videos, where users post photos with captions, and their followers can like, comment and even repost their content on the internet. The network has a well-engaged audience because it renews itself with recurring updates and improvements. When it comes to Instagram for online stores, we are talking about an excellent channel for contacting customers and leads. In addition to the interaction, in the posts, companies that choose to create a professional profile on this network will be able to:

  • Do live lives to present something new
  • Publish stories, which are stories that are available on the profile for up to 24 hours
  • Use hashtags to engage the post
  • Make sponsored posts
  • Capturing vital information to learn more about your audience


A network with a personal purpose can also help leverage your business on the internet.

Twitter is also an excellent tool for business because it is possible to write and retweet texts and follow the most talked about topics of the moment. This is a great thermometer of events worldwide thanks to its immediacy and the purpose of a quick interaction with the public. In this way, your brand, product, or service may be commented on worldwide in a few seconds. Tweeting at peak times and using well-known hashtags related to your business are some ways to stay engaged on the internet. We also emphasize that this is a channel that customers use to talk to companies, so keep an eye out for user comments. To continue to learn more, visit


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