Confessions About Home Improvement

Confessions about our experience with home improvement…Can you get too much of a good thing?

My wife and I enjoy remodeling and improving our home. It has evolved over the years, so naturally we didn’t count the total cost before we got started. It was a gradual thing. We didn’t sit down and make a list of what we liked and disliked before we got started.

When we bought our home we replaced the carpet, finished the basement, took down wallpaper and repainted. Once that was completed we started to get other ideas…like new kitchen cabinets, a new deck, a new front door, a sunroom, and new patio.

When to Stop

This happened over 12 years. Each step along the way the subject of stopping came up, because we were over building for our neighborhood. We used the reasoning that we weren’t spending money on golfing or boating, but instead on our home.

New Plans

At one point we seriously started plans for a new house. I designed it to sit on a nice piece of hill top land with a view. As the bids and estimates came in the price kept going up. The list of things that I was going to do to keep the cost down kept getting longer.

Finally after a couple months of trying to put a plan together that would make sense financially, we concluded the price was too high. We didn’t want to go further into debt with a bigger house payment.


Today we are still in our same home that we love, because we made it just the way we like it. Oh, and it’s paid for too.

Article written by: Evan Visser

Evan has been an architectural illustrator for over 27 years and shares his experience in design and DIY home improvement projects through