Copywriting Your Travel Experience

Your planning for a trip and also talk about your travel experience, possibly publish it in your potential travel journal or blog. Or! If you are a far more ambitious travel copywriter you maybe thinking about utilizing it being an article or perhaps in another printed medium.

Whichever and whatever, the concepts of writing your copy would be the same (or ought to be).

Like a travel author you will see 3 stages pre-trip, on-location and publish-trip write.


Like a travel author intending to write copy upon your return, planning is of vital importance. It’s straightforward enough, however, you MUSN’T forget to consider a notebook and pen, don’t depend on their own being computer access available.


Everyone knows that memory may sometimes try to trick us or perhaps not function correctly (smiley), keep in mind that ¨bad ink is preferable to bad memory¨. Quite simply, regardless of how aimless your taking notes maybe, make notes regardless, and each day as well. It’s good to create aside a normal time every day to get this done.

You need to record all significant occasions during the day Additionally with a of the private ideas.

Your publish-trip travel copywriting

This really is nitty-gritty time and you will find many strategies to select from. In the following paragraphs I’ll only outline among the strategies, one which I frequently use myself.