Discussing And Negotiating After Home Inspection For Repairs

It is not at all difficult to negotiate for repairs with the seller after a home inspection. There are a few specific tips that you should follow for negotiating after a home inspection and after accepting the offer made on a particular home. These tips will make it easy for both you as well as the seller and help a lot to end to the end of the deal. No matter how close the acceptance of the offer brings you to the closing table, there are still some important aspects to discuss during the transaction process before the closing day.

Need to discuss the repairs

One of the most significant things to discuss with the seller is the repairs that are needed to make in the house. This is important because it will save you from major issues that could arise in due course of time, costing you much more to mend them. Based on the detailed report of home inspection consider the structure and foundation, the roof, the foundation, and the walls and look for the necessary issues that need repairing. Make sure that you do not battel it out, but there is a mutual understanding from both sides. However, be firm so that the seller does not decline from those repairs.

Actual repair of financial compensation  

When you negotiate with the seller make sure that you are specific about the type of repairs you need to be made. Also make it very clear that it is not the responsibility of the buyer to do these repairs. However, if the seller does not want to repair but offers you financial compensation in lieu of it which is enough to make these repairs, it is worth considering this offer. Your repairing needs may be different according to the situation and you may even split some of them among you two.

Review the inspection report

There may be a few items for which the buyer may be solely responsible while in some other the seller would have to do all the repairs. For this reason, before staring with the negotiation process you should review the home inspection report thoroughly. This will help you to identify the distinctive repairs. Sometimes you will need to make some hefty negotiations about the repairs. In such situations you can take help of the realtors. They will be more aware of the buyers’ and sellers’ repairs responsibilities.