How Online Casinos Are Adopting Technology of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality technology allows us to respond to a simulated environment. It creates the illusion of the real or fictional world of computer games. The experience is created thanks to advanced software, special audio-visual helmets, glasses, etc. In addition to industries such as the military or medicine, a large share of its use is the world of computer games.

Currently, the most commercially known devices that enable the experience of virtual reality are headsets Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But there are more products everybody can use. These are just the most popular. Some headsets or glasses have to be paired with other devices like a computer or gaming console. There are also devises where you only have to download a mobile app.

Virtual Reality Casinos

Just like the others, the online gambling industry is keen to incorporate virtual reality into their games. Some of the gambling software providers even introduced the first games in 2016.  The implementation of the virtual or augmented reality in gambling will ensure the whole gaming experience. It also offers many ways to gamification or interaction with other players. 

The demand for new players is increasing with every New Year. Traditional gambling does simply not excite Millennials and Generation Z. Especially with new, better titles in the classic gaming industry. According to research, young people want more than just spinning slot’s reel full of fruit symbols. They want entertainment and interaction in the highly-tech visual environment.

In this way, players can visit historical casinos in the Wild West or even travel to another planet to play roulette with aliens. At least, this is the idea.

First Virtual Casinos

The very first online casino was solely focused on playing poker, and it is available on classic software for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The intent was to create a live poker experience in the online poker arena that allows players to talk to their opponents and watch them play cards and chips. It is currently playable through the purchase of an application, similar to an app with online casino games. While the site still has many impediments and a lot of technical things need to be solved and tightened, it is a beautiful example of how online gambling can go forward.

Several other online casinos tried to introduce VR technology. Probably the most successful among them was the Slots Millions site, which managed to combine the importance of traditional games with an emphasis on the new possibilities that Oculus Rift can bring. Even from the comfort of home, players can walk through the casino, choose a game and talk to other players like in real life. The casino has managed to create an atmosphere that you will find in a real casino – slot machines, ornate interior, bar, sofas, etc. This brings a gust of the future.

All developers know the fact that there is a connection between online gambling and VR card for the future. This simply corresponds to the demands of new players. However, the gradual integration of new technologies is quite demanding, so let’s expect a massive expansion in the years to come.