The Best Trucking Companies to Work for in the U.S.

One of the most underappreciated jobs in America, is that of a truck driver. Millions of miles of road connect the far reaches of the country, all of which are traveled by truckers. The job is beginning to get more notoriety with the spread of awareness of the positives of the occupation. Prior to this optimistic reinforcement, trucking was thought of as a tough job to be involved in. The hours can become long, the loneliness is terrifying at times, and the probability of accidents is high. In recent history, these facts have driven people away from the trucking industry. So much so, that it has caused a shortage in drivers. There is such an enormous amount of goods that need to be delivered throughout the states, that there aren’t enough drivers to meet the country’s requirements. 

Until recently, the trucking industry had a growing shortage of drivers every year. More freight needed transporting, but there was the same number of drivers. Things are beginning to look up, though, thanks to trucking companies that are starting to treat their employees significantly better. Truckers are being paid more by hundreds of companies, mandated laws are requiring a certain amount of rest for drivers, and with women joining ranks, there are more drivers on the way. Companies are starting to take care of their drivers, the way they deserve to be taken care of. Truck drivers have difficult jobs and face obstacles on a daily basis, from mental health to human trafficking. To bring attention to the growing needs of the industry, we decided to make a list of the best trucking companies to work for in 2020. You will recognize many of these companies and be surprised to find out how much some drivers are being paid, and rightfully so; truckers deserve every penny. We’ve looked to research and studies from to help determine our best trucking companies. 

1. Sysco

Distribution of food throughout the United States is one of the most important parts of truck drivers’ tasks. Vegetables from the Midwest need to be transported to the beaches of the East-Coast, while citrus in the South needs to be moved to the Pacific-Northwest. The transportation of food is vital to the smooth operation of America. 

Sysco is one of the largest food suppliers in the country. Sysco is at the top of our list because of money. Money isn’t everything, but it can buy you a boat. Sysco is offering bonuses that could take driver’s average salary above $87,000. For comparison, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average salary amongst all occupations in America is $61,372. There’s more than just money that makes Sysco our top trucking company to work for in 2020; they often offer 100% local routes to drivers with families. These daily routes will allow truckers to be home at night.

2. Walmart

While Walmart isn’t actually a trucking company, it employs thousands of truckers. It enjoys the benefits of its own private fleet. Its drivers are among the highest paid drivers in the country. Some experienced drivers can make more than $90,000. That number is only represented by a 5.5-day work week, as well.

The best thing Walmart is doing for its drivers is paying for training and licensing. In order to become a driver with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), you have to be trained extensively. Walmart is paying for that. It is also offering Medical, Dental, Vision, Pharmaceutical, and Life insurance benefits. 

Job security is particularly important; Walmart is one of the largest corporations in the U.S., and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere. As an added bonus, Walmart drivers never load or unload freight. 

3. GP Transco

GP Transco is the new kid at school in the trucking industry. It is standing out because of its history with driver turnover. Almost nobody leaves the position at GP. This is not by accident; lead recruiter, John Alvarez, was a driver for 30 years before he became a recruiter for GP. That means there are real drivers that know what truckers need and want.

GP offers an average salary of $84,000 a year, and you will not be disappointed with the way it treats drivers. The head honchos at GP know the ins and outs of the industry, and expect drivers to be rewarded for the hard work they give. 

4. Acme

Acme does everything it seems; it even has a fleet of more than 2,900 trucks across seven states. Each week it hauls around 10,000 truckloads of goods. Freight is moving in and out of Acme like crazy, and it’s always on the lookout for new drivers. If you’re a driver with Acme, you will not have trouble finding work. 

One of the most troubling parts of the trucking industry is when drivers get paid. Many businesses will leave their drivers in the dark for weeks or even months waiting on their pay. Acme has solved this by paying weekly. If you drive one week, you get a direct deposit the next. Acme is also popular amongst rookie drivers; you just have to be 21 to drive for Acme. The do-it-all Acme company is treating truckers correctly. 

5. CRST Trucking

CRST is an international company that offers job opportunities to newcomers and veterans alike. CRST even has its own trucking schools where drivers can earn their CDL. It’s one of the most reliable trucking companies in the entire industry; not once has it had a layoff, and it averages more miles traveled than any other trucking company. 

One of the best things it offers is guaranteed home time. Many companies will fool you into thinking you have time at home but will get upset if you don’t accept some truckloads. It’s a delicate balance, but CRST is making time with family guaranteed. With paydays twice a week, benefits packages, and accident insurance, CRST is giving people a reason to want to become a truck driver.

6. Old Dominion

Old Dominion is a well-known trucking company throughout America. It’s been around for more than 80 years and knows everything there is to know about shipping. It has more than 200 distribution centers, so wherever you are, you could be close to home and work. 

Old Dominion is offering competitive pay, great benefits and a reliable company, attracting more truckers to the occupation every day. 

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