10 Best Part-Time Remote Jobs in 2022

Remote working had become increasingly popular even before the pandemic quickly demonstrated the technology to support it. In addition, the past two years of working from home have shown that remote working is both productive and cost-effective for organizations and individuals.

While you may not be ready to take the plunge just yet, remote working has also increased with part-time remote jobs. With more than a third of Americans working part-time jobs, there’s never been a better time to find part-time remote work.

Read on to learn more about remote working, the best part-time remote jobs out there, and where to find part-time remote jobs.

Why work a part-time job remotely?

It is estimated that 22% of Americans will be working remotely by 2025, an increase of 87% from pre-pandemic levels. For those looking to make extra money, part-time remote jobs offer some fantastic benefits. Additionally, as a part-time job, many of the drawbacks of full-time remote work can be mitigated or eliminated.


A part-time remote job has many benefits, including:

Flexible schedule Work from anywhere Time and money saved

Especially if you fit a side job into your busy life, the flexibility to work anywhere and on your schedule is a huge bonus. Plus, you can save the time and money involved in commuting and the need to work in regular shifts.


Like anything, there are some drawbacks to remote working, including:

Challenging to build relationships with colleagues Feeling isolated Difficult to separate work and private life

Some of these drawbacks are mitigated by part-time remote work, as you are likely to have another full-time job where you have opportunities to build relationships and reduce isolation.

The caveat is working multiple part-time remote jobs or working a large number of hours per week. You may also struggle to find time to rest and recharge if you have full-time and part-time jobs at the same time.

10 Best Part Time Remote Jobs

Despite the drawbacks, if you want to earn extra money, a remote gig can be a great option. These are the best part-time remote jobs available in 2022.

Teaching / Tutoring

Teaching / tutoring is one of the best part time remote jobs available as you can teach a wide variety of things online. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to do many of these jobs.

There are opportunities to teach English to children and adults at primary and college levels. In addition, there are plenty of places to tutor children and adults. You can even market yourself on platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Read more about online teaching here.

Customer service

All businesses that sell goods and services need people to deal with customers. Whether answering questions or helping resolve issues, customer service representatives correspond via email, phone, live chat and social media. You can do all of these forms of remote communication, so if you enjoy working with people, a part-time customer service job might be for you.


Blogs, businesses and other organizations are always looking for content creators to help write website content, eBooks, ads and other things. Use your writing skills as a part-time journalist, blogger or freelance writer – work anywhere and set your schedule. Self-publish and earn passive income!

To process

So much of the content is written online and elsewhere, which means many sites need editors. So, editing is a much sought after skill that can make a great part time remote job. Editors review written and other material and make changes before the content is published. The position requires attention to detail and high proficiency in the language of the content.


Every business needs someone to organize their books and take care of the finances. However, these jobs don’t always require full-time workers, or there may be times of the year when more help is needed. Therefore, part-time remote jobs in accounting and finance are often in high demand. For example, employees can manage accounts payable and accounts receivable, company records, prepare tax documents or many other financial aspects of the business.

Data entry

Yet another in-demand job is data entry. While entering numbers and other data may sound boring, it is a vital role in ensuring data is accurate and current. The job involves adding, editing and verifying electronic data, which can be entered from paper files or from one digital format to another. Data entry is also a job that doesn’t necessarily require a degree or other specific skills other than being detail oriented.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is the modern version of a personal assistant and is becoming an increasingly common role. Virtual assistants help a business or individual that needs extra help to complete tasks or stay organized. A virtual assistant can perform different tasks depending on the organization or person they work for. Shop around for opportunities within industries and organizations you are interested in to find a position that best suits your skills and schedule.

Graphic design

Graphic design is another sought-after skill that can quickly turn into permanent part-time remote work. Graphic designers use computer software or hand-drawn methods to create visual products, including the layout and design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, websites, and many other things. In addition, graphic designers can work or freelance for a few brands.

social media manager

Every brand or organization in the modern world now has social media marketing and outreach. Businesses need to maintain an online presence, with the average person now spending hours a day on social media, often communicating concerns and questions through these platforms. If you’re tech savvy and skilled in media marketing, overseeing a company’s social media accounts can be a great part-time remote job.

Software developer

Software developers are the brains behind all kinds of computer programs, from mobile apps and websites to video games. Some focus on creating networks or underlying systems, while others create specific programs or apps. Software development can be an incredibly lucrative part-time remote job if you’re interested in games, websites, applications, or mobile apps.

How to find part-time remote jobs

Here are some of the best places to find part-time remote jobs in 2022.


Indeed pulls data from the web and brings together a list of jobs, including part-time remote jobs. You can search by job title, keywords and location. Job seekers can also upload their resumes to be matched with potential employers.

Flex jobs

FlexJobs offers more than 50 career categories with external, hybrid and flexible vacancies. The site also screens the job openings before posting so you know the opportunities are legit. You can also access resume reviews, career coaching, and skills courses when you sign up.

We work remotely

Sponsored by the book Remote, We Work Remotely is a job site that tries to list remote jobs from all industries and professions.

Virtual Callings

Virtual Vocations is another remote job only job site. A frustrated stay at home mom started this site while looking for legitimate remote work. A fully external team still manages the site. Check out the blog for tips on remote working or browse the remote jobs by profession category or keywords.


Dribbble is a job site especially for graphic designers. You can create a profile, post your portfolio, and even search specifically for freelance work.


Fiverr is a great site for freelancers looking to build a clientele. It focuses specifically on gig work and freelancers can easily create a portfolio and get started.


Upwork is another job board that brings employers and job seekers together. Upwork also offers remote tasks in a whole range of categories. Since Upwork claims that over 5 million companies use the site to find employees, you are sure to find part-time remote jobs that suit your skills and schedule.


Freelancer claims to be the world’s largest freelance marketplace and is full of remote freelance work opportunities. Users can create profiles, upload their portfolios and start bidding on freelance gigs.

Final Thoughts

With a labor shortage in full swing, there’s never been a better time to switch careers, take up a side job or go remote. Especially if you want to earn some extra money in addition to your day job, part-time remote jobs can be both a convenient and lucrative option.

What are you waiting for? Check out part-time remote jobs in your field and speed up the timeline to your money goals!

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