Are you an outdoor enthusiast? These money tips will help you go outside more

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” If this quote from naturalist and conservationist John Muir appeals to you, you’re not alone.

Millions of Americans consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts, passionate about spending time enjoying nature, often traveling to new destinations to discover idyllic landscapes, while making the most of their local environment close to home.

For many people, this also means finding the right work-life balance that provides a stable income with flexibility to be outside on a regular basis today, while collecting a litter large enough to comfortably support the aspirations outside the home into retirement.

If this sounds like you, you may be a natural fit to work with a financial advisor who shares your love of the great outdoors.

You will likely find dozens of financial advisors in your community who are qualified to help you achieve your money goals with a personalized plan. But it can be harder to find a financial advisor who is just as happy to share stories about their favorite hiking trails and state parks as they are to discuss your financial plan.

Fortunately, many financial advisors offer virtual services so that you can meet online wherever you (or they) live. This means you can choose to hire a financial advisor who lives hundreds of miles away, if you decide that a fellow enthusiast who knows what makes you tick can help you achieve better results.

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Three questions with Nathan Mueller

We asked Nathan Mueller, Colorado, Pagosa Springs financial advisor, to answer three questions about his own passion for the great outdoors and how he works with clients who share a common interest in nature.

Q: When you are out of the office, what kinds of outdoor activities do you enjoy most?

Nathan: My absolute favorite thing to do when I’m out of the office is snowboarding. I love going to my local resort (Wolf Creek Ski Resort) after a winter storm brings new snow to the mountain (aka Powder Day).

It has been such a passion sport for me since I can remember and I live in Colorado and have had the opportunity to snowboard on some beautiful mountains. I have some notable personal achievements with the sport, such as snowboarding for 20 months in a row and taking 80 days off for a winter season.

When the seasons change, you’ll still find me exploring the wilderness. The mountain bike is taken out of the garage and the disc golf discs get the dust blown off.

I am lucky enough to have quick access to some fantastic mountain bike trails with great views of the mountains and zigzagging through the forest. With the family, we often camp in the San Juan National Forest on weekends and go hiking. The beauty of Southwest Colorado is that the mountains have been shaped by volcanic activity that has created some amazing waterfalls to round out your hikes.

Meet Nathan:

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Q: For clients you serve who share your passion for the great outdoors, how do you find your common interests contribute to your conversations together about their financial planning needs?

Nathan: I like working with clients who share the same interests. For some people it can take a lot of courage to talk to someone about their money and be vulnerable, so building a rapport around outdoor activities can really relax them and put customers more at ease.

With regulars who know me well, I think most get excited to share their latest adventures or go wild with the latest gear. The hardest part is usually to bring the focus back to financial planning. I am also guilty of using outdoor analogies to explain topics of financial planning.

Q: What suggestions do you have for fellow outdoor enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds, to maximize the time they can afford to enjoy traveling and spend more time in nature, while making sure they have enough saving to retire comfortably and continue their outdoor adventures when they do?

Nathan: There is definitely a tradeoff and balance to living the life you want and being financially stable. My main suggestion is to let people know that you can do both, but you have to be realistic with expectations. No matter what income you earn or what lifestyle you choose, everyone can budget well, save for emergencies and secure their retirement. The problem is when people want to spend more time outdoors and live beyond their means.

For example, you can choose to work in a place that is flexible in time, but doesn’t pay very well. The reward is that you can enjoy more activities, but the sacrifice is that you may not be able to save for a down payment on a house or get branded clothes like Patagonia or Northface clothes. What else do you want? Read in this article how buying luxury outdoor brands can affect you.

My second suggestion would be to find a job that offers flexibility and a solid income. Yes, this is a unicorn like situation at times, but there are several jobs/industries out there. You may have to spend time, resources and money on retraining or more training to get it. Just remember that if you are motivated enough, it is possible. Here’s a great article to learn more about managing finances with the lifestyle you want and possible job options available. The article is titled “What is your money cycle?”

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