As a financial advisor, how can you improve your progress meetings with clients this year?

How can you improve the value you deliver?

I hate the word review meetings, I like to call them progress update meetings. In addition to renaming your meetings, you can also choose to name the type of meeting you will have with a client.

Think about your dental practice and the type of appointments you have. Some appointments are for checkups, some are for major dental work such as crown appointments, and some are for cleaning and maintenance. Your meetings can go by different names so that the customer knows what to expect during the meeting. In the spring you have the goals and investment update meeting and in the fall you have a tax, estate and portfolio update.

Names of meetings

Consultants I work with mention the type of meeting they have with clients. For example, some call them goal update and planning meetings. Other gatherings focus on estate and legacy. Imagine having a legacy meeting with some of your best clients.

Are there meetings that can focus on other things, such as a plan for the future of your portfolio for the next 12 months, a comprehensive tax planning meeting with your account, a risk management meeting including an audit of the insurance beneficiaries, and other value-added services ?

Emotional involvement

Your meetings are about valuable conversations. The conversations are about their goals and dreams and can be emotional. then you scroll to a slide or a chart or a chart that is emotionless and unengaged. I don’t think anyone looked at a chart or graph and said, wow, that looks amazing, that’s what I’d like to achieve in my life. Start using Microsoft PowerPoint with emotionally engaging photos to bring that vision together and get people excited about their goals and dreams.

Imagine you wanted to build a new dream house and I pulled out a chart and graph to show you how to realize your dream house. Or I’ll take pictures of dream homes that you’ve discussed with me and then I’ll show you sample blueprints and say that’s the vision you’d like for your future. tell me what your ideal dream home would look like, guide me through it, and then give them a picture of what their future looks like. The charts and graphs are the technical aspects to help people get there. They are important, but become less important if the client is not emotionally involved.

Progress Update Reports

In almost every country in the world, customers have said that the review meeting is not that valuable. The relationship is very strong, but the review meeting has no added value. How can you add more value to your progress update meetings?

Consider having a PowerPoint slideshow on templates that can take people through a visual representation of their goals and their dreams and update the conversations in an emotionally engaging way. Once customers have such an enhanced experience, your progress update meetings will become better and more efficient for you and them and can be done and delivered in less time.

Practice management is about three things: process, process, process. Isn’t it time you improved your progress update meeting process for your clients? What value are you adding to your best customers through your progress update meetings this year? How are you going to deliver it in an emotionally engaging way and how are you going to deliver it online in less time and deliver more value?

This is what elite advisors do to deliver more value to their existing clients and get more referrals. They have a process, an agenda, a PowerPoint, a script and they are not working on it. Start by naming your types of meetings, delivering more valuable conversations, naming those kinds of conversations, and adding PowerPoint with images to visually engage them. Go for it and see the difference in your customer’s reaction and body language the next time you have a progress update meeting for them. Especially if you keep a large part of your meetings virtual.

Preparation and follow-up

What is your meeting preparation process? How long will it take you and your team to prepare for a customer progress meeting? Do you have a checklist of items to go through before a meeting? How can you make the process better? These are standard questions I ask any financial advisory team. In any case, there is a process that can be improved.

First, build your checklist of the key items and processes needed for an ideal client meeting. Second, technology makes the process efficient. Provide a modeled process using technology. Your administrative staff will review the online preparation checklist, complete the work and send it to you at least 2-5 days before the meeting. Then you have your scheduled 15 minute meeting with the staff to go through your 50-100 point checklist to cover all administrative and potential paperwork issues.

You also go over the PowerPoint and lock it as a PDF file. You then record the meeting with the client’s permission, of course you fill in the file notes in the checklist and all administration and you follow up and send the recordings, notes and tasks and have your administrative administrator complete all tasks in your system and assign to you and your team. The key is templates and technology.

It’s 2022, so a future-proof, technology-driven practice has a detailed process of 100 points or more from an administrative and planning side, and an emotionally engaging process of your ideal clients. This makes your process all about their entire financial life and comprehensive wealth management and financial planning. Do you need to work on your processes?

Checklist for your process

Create your own detailed checklist for you and your team “How to Prepare for an Ideal Client Progress Update Meeting in 2022” and a list of items to help you prepare for the meeting, bringing more value to the meeting this year and the follow-up process.

What about your goals for your practice in 2022? Below are our practice management tools.

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