Debunking 2 Myths About Buying Pre-Construction Phase Condo Charan 13

Saving as much money as possible while buying a condo is the sole aim of potential property owners. At the same time, you will never like to compromise with the quality of the Condo Charan 13 [คอน โด รั 13, which is the term in Thai]. You must have heard at some point that buying the condo in the pre-construction phase is the ideal time to save money and get the best deal. But buying on conceptual understanding of the structure is challenging, especially if this is your first-time experience of buying property. Unfortunately, several myths can make your job tougher. Why don’t you uncover the truth behind these myths?

Myth #1: Condos are not affordable

Don’t believe when people around say that you can’t buy a condo if you are not earning a huge amount every month. In fact, the truth is just the contrary. Purchasing a condo can be the most affordable option and a desirable one, too, in comparison to a freehold home. According to economists from different parts of the globe, first-time buyers of properties should concentrate on the condo market more than anything else when they have a budget constraint. The abundance of supply, ease of accessing additional amenities, and lower price can help you own a property without breaking the bank.

Myth #2: A never-ending waiting period

It is a popular saying that you have to wait for an endless period on booking the condo in the pre-construction phase. Misconceptions like you will grow old even before stepping through the front door of the condo can refrain you from buying the best deals available. This can be true in some cases, but mostly the condo builders always complete the project on time. Delays can happen when inconveniences arise that are beyond the control of the builder, such as adverse weather conditions or labour strikes. Otherwise, the top-rated builders always deliver projects on time. 


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