Forklift Models: Know The Main Types

Used to assist in the movement and transport of loads, forklifts have several models ideal for every need. This text will bring the main models of forklifts and their functionalities.

Combustion Forklifts

There are two models of forklifts that use combustion: diesel and gas. The gas forklift stands out among some models, such as the electric one, due to its high capacity to support larger loads. On the other hand, it is responsible for emitting polluting gases that can harm the environment.

Diesel forklifts, on the other hand, are the most weight-bearing. Because diesel is a standard fuel, it stands out among the others for being more affordable than the cylinders used in gas forklifts.

Electric Forklifts

As the name suggests, electric forklifts work on electrical energy provided by batteries. Therefore, they are incredibly silent and, unlike combustion forklifts, do not emit any polluting gas.

Forklift Models

However, as this equipment is electrical, its use requires some precautions, such as not using it outdoors on rainy days. In addition, its ability to support weight is less than combustion forklift trucks.

Manual Forklifts

Manual forklifts work through manual labor, but they don’t require a lot of effort. For its entire operation, the ideal is that the pulley and bearing systems are adequate to assist in the elevation of the tower.

As mentioned above, there are models of forklifts for the most diverse segments. However, to have the maximum performance and quality of this equipment, it is necessary to have a qualified company, both in the sale and rental of forklifts.

Advantages Of Buying Forklifts

When purchasing a forklift, you will have greater flexibility in operations. In addition, you will have your acquisition, not depending on third parties to execute your services and activities. In addition, you will have a more significant amount of assets in the company; after all, the forklift is equipment that can add a lot of value to the company, generating more guarantees for suppliers or banks. Check here for Jack’s tow and trailer truck (แจ็ครถยกรถลาก which is the term in Thai)