Some Of The Most Crucial Watch Rules

Not everyone sticks to it and, depending on the occasion, gets derogatory looks. The most important watch rules are not complicated, as the answers to frequently asked questions show.

1. How Is A Watch Worn?

The first rule is one of the most important: the watch sits about a thumb’s width above the wrist at the level of the wrist. Men wear their accessories close-fitting but not too tight. With a bit of effort, your little finger should fit behind the watch.

Ladies are allowed to wear a watch as jewelry a little looser but not too deeply seated. The more the wristwatch looks like a unisex or men’s watch, the more likely the same rules apply to men. Loosely hanging watches that keep slipping out from under the sleeve, on the other hand, are not welcomed by either sex.

2. How Big Can A Wristwatch Be?

Another critical question is how big the watch can be for men and women alike: Too big looks ostentatious. The accessory shouldn’t be too flashy. Especially women and men with narrow wrists should therefore pay attention to the size of the watch. The 18-40 rule applies as a guideline: With a maximum wrist circumference of 18 cm, the watch should not be larger than 40 mm in diameter.

3. What Color Can The Watch Be?

Most watches like Rolex deep sea are silver or gold in color. Both tones are acceptable if the watch matches the rest of the jewelry. For example, gold watches combined with silver rings or silver watches with a gold chain are taboo. The ladies and gentlemen of the world wear a uniform decorative color that is only broken up by accents. Leather bracelets and dials and hands in inconspicuous light or dark tones are therefore exceptionally stylish. Very important: the more colorful the watch, the more it belongs in the leisure sector!

4. Leather Bracelet Or Metal Bracelet?

The bracelet should harmonize with the rest of the outfit. Metal bracelets are easier to combine with jewelry and clothing, but they are more noticeable. Leather bracelets are more reserved and are therefore ideal for appearing on formal occasions. However, both types of bracelets are allowed.